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Trade Arcade Master | Master of all Arcade Trade Scripts

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Trade Arcade Master Script is a full arcade PHP and MySQL CMS (Content Management System).
A Power full Arcade Script that allows you to run an arcade traffic trade web site with easy customization and advanced members system built in.
With Trade Arcade Master webmasters can almost edited/control everything from the ajax admin panel.
Trade Arcade Master is extremely easy to use and works for both regular arcades/member system arcades and full blown traffic trading arcades.

Some of the main Features:
  • Powerful admin panel (with ajax features)
  • Unique Cache System For fast page loading
  • Unique Site config so less Query to database
  • Country specific trading and 5 Tiers, fully customizable Traffic Trade system
  • Geo show on all ads zones 5 Tiers.
  • Fully customizable Traffic Trade radios
  • Country specific Ratio and Force Out for each trader
  • Ability to add Ip Range to database as well as updating it from
  • Grab games from lots of feeds
  • Play SWF and DCR games and much more
  • Exchange links easily (Link exchange page linked to database)
  • RSS Feeds and Goggle Site map
  • Search Engine friendly url's
  • Auto Plug puller via cronjob or site ( to keep all trades up to date )
  • Ajax rating on games
  • 100% unencrypted code
  • Super easy templating system
  • And many more...
Demo site

Now country specific trading and 5 Tiers, fully customizable.
Way this works, let me explain…

1. User enters site, script pick up their country id (ie. UK = country id: 235) as well as county tier (ie UK = tier 2 pool of country’s).
2. User clicks on game which takes them to the pregame page.
3. The script then look to see if we have any traders with this game plug and credits on that country’s id (ie. UK = country id: 235), if so then pregame page will display an out link.
4. If not, script will look for a trader with credits on the user county tier (ie UK = tier 2 pool of country’s) then pregame page will display an out link.
5. If still can’t find it will display host game link.
6. If we have an out link displayed when user clicks the out link the out. php file will then desired which trader to send hen user to.
7. Pregame page can be refreshed on link out clicks (set in admin panel) ,but because the out file choose where the user is going and out and from are recorded for the user they will never but sent to the same trade twice …unless admin wishes so .

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